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    google gravity

    Google Gravity
    Google Gravity is an innovative web feature whereby the page that has been open begins to perform some interesting and fun tricks. The contents of the internet page may seem as though they are falling or the web page itself might look as though it is turning upside down. Once you enter the page, it will display a standard Google homepage with the search boxes and links that you would expect.

    google gravity However, a second later or once some form of activity such as mouse movement is detected, all the contents of the page drop down as if gravity is pulling them down. You can then click and drag any of the links or content up or sideways and have them fall again or hold them in position by holding down the left mouse button.

    If users want, they can type into the search box. However, clicking on the ‘search function’ and I’m feeling lucky’ buttons will not achieve anything as they have not yet been implemented to work as they normally should. The other elements that have links work accordingly and will end up redirecting the user to the respective search page once clicked.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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