Mods In Use

This file contains the mods on the server right now. Put the mods in the MODS folder of your 7days to die data.

The Mods folder is usually in this location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods

Download TWINSCYTHE SERVER MODS 09/12/2020 Version


Fixed some bugs. Added HORSES! and a ton of new foods.

Please Delete the Old Mods from the previous mod pack before installing these.

REMOVE THE FOLLOWING MODS from your mods folder in your 7 days to die folder:
B!alloon mod V.1 A19
B!ass Fishing Mod v.1 A19
B!ong Mod v.1 A19
The TFP Raft Modlet A19

What’s New in this mod pack:

(Unzip and place THESE folders in your mods folder)

B!alloon Mod A19 – Hot air balloon parts should show up in loot more often
B!ass Fishing Mod A19 – Fixed the error with FISH TRAPS and TRADERS (hopefully)
B!ong Mod A19 – No Changes
Boating_Modlet – No Changes
TelricHorsesA19 – Adds Horses!!
Custom Foods Mod – ADDED
MoreCooked Foods – ADDED

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