New rule posted in chat threatens my base?

QuestionsCategory: 7 Days to Die Friendly Community ServerNew rule posted in chat threatens my base?

Hello, thanks for hosting the server.  Having fun.  I’m well along on my base, adhering to the rules.  My base is at 700N 172E.  I reviewed all the rules on the website, and within the /rules command before building.  After spawn was created I saw a wood sign posted in there saying nothing close to a trader.  My base is about 120 blocks from a trader so I asked one of the admins online, name started with a K… Kaider? Or something who took a peek and said I was ok on that rule.  
Today I saw a new rule scrolling in the server chat which says anything within .5 km of spawn will be removed.  I hadn’t seen this rule before today otherwise I would have adhered closer to it.  My base is .3km from spawn.  
Can you please review and let me know if I should move or if I’m ok? My base plans are pretty clean, a 16×16 footprint, about 15 blocks deep and then a 10×10 tower on top of it, which will go perhaps 40-50 blocks high. 
If you do prefer I move, would it be fair of me to ask for 365 reinf. concrete blocks I’ve already placed?  Then, a few days to find a new spot and transfer my stuff.  
Thanks for consideration – Squee

Kardia replied 2 years ago


I actually was the one that talked to you! You’re fine I already viewed your base and approved it so no worries on that one. It was pre-existing and you got my okay.

Happy gaming!


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