7 Days to Die Admin Dashboard

Admin Report – Admins log incidents here so we always have a record.

Map 1 – This map is rendered and viewed at the server. It has some advantages and disadvantages over the CBSM map

Map 2– The CBSM map

Steam ID Finder – Look up players by steam ID

Join The Server for CBSM – Use this to “join” the server after you have made an account with CBSM

Server Chat through CBSM – Use this to see the chat. You can also access players and do actions upon them in this screen.

RAT7D2D – Remote tool including chat, console, kicks, bans, gifting and more. BE SURE to turn off custom commands and messages when you use it. Alterntive to CBSM console chat

ServerTools Mod Info – We are using this SERVER SIDE for some of it’s functions. Things done through here will not be affected when CBSM is down.

7 DAys to Die Console commands – For Reference. This seems to be updated regularly. These are native server commands that come in the game In game you can use “help” in the console to list them.


Common Commands Used By Admins (not all are Native commands):

SE (SpawnEntity)

DJ-POS – Get your position

RLP (remove land protection)

ER (EntityRemove)

CM (creative mode)

DM (debug mode)

TP (teleport yourself to someone or a location)

TELE (teleport player to someone or location)

LE (list entities – usually to find minibikes but can find any entity)



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