7 Days To Die Servers

Twinscythe Currently has 3 servers running 7 Days to Die:

  1. Twinscythe.com PVE Friendly Community – Player Versus Environment and community style play. Great place for new players to learn the game.
  2. ROLE Play Reality Show Twinscythe.com Ā – PVP (player versus player) Environment. Originally intended for a live stream project the server gained a community of its own.
  3. Twinscythe.com 7 days to die Valmod – 7 days to die server usingĀ Valmod theme

These servers are hosted at Bluefang Solutions

If you want to see about starting your very own 7 days to die serverĀ CLICK HERE

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Twinscythe 7DTD Friendly Community Server

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TwinScythe Role Play Community

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