7 Days To Die Friendly Survival Community Server Rules

Current rules FOR PLAYERS (updated 02/20/2020)

1. Do not Rob other players
2. Do not kill other players
3. Respect locked doors, locked containers and the building of other players (aka Don’t bust up other peoples stuff)
4, NO Cheating or hacking.
5. No Harassing or toxic behavior. If you don’t like someone you have a huge world you can go far away from them. Don’t clutter the chat!
6. DO NOT Land claim any POI that you do not intend to make your home.

7. If A player does not log in for 21 Real Time Days their items and property will be considered Abandoned and tidied up by admins.

As you know this is a Player Versus Environment Server.

This means players fight the zombies not each other.

The rest of your post-apocalyptic life choices are your own.

Over time new rules may be needed to keep things running smoothly, but ideally the fewer rules the better.

Current Rules for ADMINS(Updated 09/10/2017)

Property Destruction – some times called griefing. A player purposely damages another players stuff.

Theft – A player KNOWINGLY and purposely takes items belonging to another.

Hacking /Cheating- A player uses exploits which harms the server, players or simply isn’t fair.

Illegal LCB – A player has placed an LCB somewhere they shouldnt. This should be applied to skyscrapers. This usually will fall under the RULE BREAKING TYPE: ignorance


Ignorance – They have no clue. A newb. Use your best judgement. If they seem viable than explain the rule to them. Get them to say they now know of the rule. (example: You join server first time and find a locked wooden chest in the street and think “Oh Cool I found a game treasure” and you break it open)
Aware but unintentional – They know something is against the rules but broke the rules by accidental or unintentional conditions. (Example: You break down a wooden door on a beat up POI and turns out someone lives there.)
Aware and intentional – This person has intentionally broke the rules. They break a rule after being warned (At the Ignorance stage) or have clearly broken rules without any doubt. (Example: Someone at level 1 is blowing up your house with TNT and flying)

Warning – This really only applies to the RULE BREAKING TYPE: Ignorance, but is at the Lead Admins discretion.
Permanent Ban – This should be the simple result of any rule breaking, however it can be up to each admin how far they are willing to go.
Temporary Ban or Kick – These leave the risk of a pissed off person getting to come back on. Again will leave to other admins to decide on each situation.

NOTE: Admins are held to a HIGH standard here. While a player may get second chances on rule breaking an admin WILL NOT. You know the rules! No excuses!
1. Admins must alert twinscythe of name changes or resignation. An admin who is gone for 2 weeks without Notice will be removed from admin list.
2. IF you are resigning let us know.
3. No ABuSING admin powers.
Abuse Includes but is not limited to:
Harassing players by spawning enemies.
Changing the TIME or WEATHER
Being OVERLY generous with Creative Mode supplies that create Unfair conditions.
FLYING unnecessarily.
Bullying players
Sabotaging player areas or community areas.
4. Represent the server WITH HONOR. Be level headed and calm through all incidents.
5. An Incident which involves an admin directly can not be dealt with by that admin. (Example: “I think I was banned by B! unfairly” Automatically means B! can not be allowed to try and fix that problem. In a way its like a court case. The judge of the case cant be also one of the plaintiffs lol)
6. Deal with 1 incident at a time. Calmly ask others to be patient while you engage each problem in the case where there are several problems (aka. WHen you just logged in and get slammed)
7. Admins are maintainers of COmmunity areas. Repairs and putting some supplies or using Creative mode for COmmunity structures is all good, but don’t over exagerate.
8. CM for self is ok, but try to keep it to a minimum. As admin you will hve less PLAY time than others. So wont be able to generate as much stuff. But also as an admin you dont want players getting upset that you can have unfair advantage.
7. CM for community related products or to help replace stolen items is ok.

Lead Admin – The admin who is first on the scene or who says “yes i can help” to the player who just said “Admin on?”
Other admins can assist but should respect the lead admin’s choices. This means also if there is an Unban, it is the lead admin who will take care of that.
CM – Creative mode
LCB – Land Claim block / Land protection block / KeyStone block

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