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If you are a consistent member of the community who know’s the regulars and want to volunteer to join the Support Team then please fill the form out below. Each new staff member will start with minimal permissions and minimal responsibilities. The levels of support team are as follows:

  1.  Basic Support – This player can Kick and Ban. They will help answer questions about the game on the website OR in game.  They will have access to locked chests with Server Provided resources for community use.
  2. Support Pro – This player can Spawn Items and can fill chests for Basic Support Team. They will be added to the trouble support ticket system for ticket assignment.
  3. Super Admin – This player can edit server files, make changes to the server config as well as start and stop the server.
  4. Server Owner – This player has the highest permissions and can do anything they want to, but also responsible for paying the bills to keep us running 🙂

Staff members tend to end up specializing in one area over others, but the 3 main areas are Security, Content Management and Public Relations. That is to say People who kick, ban and catch bad guys more than others. Some will be more building oriented and create community events or areas while others may be more social and help the staff members understand community better as well as resolve arguments and help keep the peace. Although you should expect to be doing ALL of these things at some point.

We want to keep the responsibilities low for each staff member so that people don’t burn out and still try to “play the game.” In short this is WORK, but if we keep it light maybe you won’t get burned out. Since this is a volunteer position your choice is your own regarding how MUCH time and energy you wish to contribute to the team, but much like donations, every little bit helps 🙂

After you submit this form please be patient. We appreciate your interest and will definitely let you know if we have any open spots available!


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