The Objective:

Make our community LESS reliant on CBSM due to it’s unreliability.


CBSM is a web based service which telnets into our server and has to send and receive information regularly (using bandwidth). The problem is that we rely on CBSM alot and it let’s us down over and over. We don’t want people getting used to things and then have them not work.

Friendly Community Server is hosted at BlueFang Solutions. This is the most reliable component for us. There for we should do as much as we can from the server itself rather than CBSM or any other external package.


These things will be handled on our server from now on and that means they will work even if CBSM is down.

The /sethome and /Home have been migrated to run server side. (You will have to reset them)

The Bulletin Posts have been migrated to run server side.

So far it looks like we will be able to:

Create custom commands (/darkritual /spawn /northgate and so forth)


What CBSM Does that we can’t:

These things we can still use CBSM for BUT when cbsm is down they will not work at all.

*plots – I think most people feel these are a nuisance.

*Player tracking on the map – This helps admins find troublemakers. Not very useful in high traffic area incidents.

Access CBSM global database for peoples ban history

zcoin shop – /shop



We want people to have a smoother experience on our server. Hopefully this new method will prove to give us more consistency so people aren’t constantly losing commands. It is better to have a bit less perks, but have them be reliable.


See you guys in the server!



*These items are part of the paid version which will cut server costs if eliminated.





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