Twinscythe Game Servers Updates 02/20/2020

Hey guys!

We are rearranging our server hosting and removing a few servers for the time being and adding a new one.  We know some of you will be really bummed about these changes, but we do have plans to add more servers in the future as donations increase.

What we are removing:

7 Days To Die Friendly Community

7 days to Die Role Play

7 Days to die Unforgiving Lands



What we are Adding:

7 days to die PVE Friendly Survival Community Server

This server is designed for community life.

10k Random Gen Map

7×7 Land Claim Blocks (999 Maximum blocks) They make your stuff Indestructible by other players unless you have not logged in for 15 days.

200% Loot abundance (to spice it up a little)

We have built some nice roads and a Red Moon Temple to help the community out!

We hope this server can bring the balance we enjoy with a community who work together and create amazing things!

And Of course We will be doing our occasional events such as ZOMBIE ARENA PIT


We are switching our donations so that you also gain unique tokens called BRAINS 🧠

Neat stuff you can spend these tokens on will be added over time!

Updates to follow!

Please donate and Check out our BRAINS HERE

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