Land Protection Updates for your Security on the 7 Days to Die Friendly Community Server

Hello all!

As of 6PM 05/11/2017 the following settings are in place for the Land Protection Blocks (aka Land claim blocks aka Keystones)

  1. The LCB now provides 100% damage protection (your blocks take no damage)
  2. The LCB Expiration date is 8 (real life) days rather than the default of 3 days.
  3. The LCB does not DECAY. This means you have full protection UNTIL expiration.

The LCB is a 7×7 block which protects your area from damage done by other players (aka jerks who we didn’t ban yet) it extends infinitely UP and DOWN.

It is our hope on the admin team that you guys will see a drastic reduction in trouble as a result of this change.

And good news! It doesn’t make our server get moved to the “Modded list”


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