Congratulations to the builder of the nightmare before Christmas scene! Winner!

Hi Mike. Unfortunately i wont be able to log in and take pictures any time soon. I think there are more builds as well. But as noted the pictures are just for reference. They need to see them in game to really get the full effect. I will drop...


It looks like for A16.3 they recommend another server wipe. As of right now we are updating the server software, but NOT deleting our current map/world. We will investigate to see if a full wipe is really needed. At this point it appears that it WILL be necessary to...

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  • @brendon
  • August 19, 2017

I will see what we can do. What we are going to be doing is combining the cbsm with other local stuff. The local stuff means if the server is running at all you will have THOSE options. We can leave /shop intact. Just know that when cbsm is...

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