Website Makeover Time

Hey Guys! I have some awesome news for you regarding the Twinscythe Gaming Community website. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re revamping our community functions to provide you with an even more immersive and engaging experience. We’ve taken your feedback into account and have introduced exciting features like messages, activity feeds, and groups. These additions […]

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New Mod Pack HORSES and MORE!

Hey Guys! I have dreamed of this moment since A13! We now have horses! You can use apples to befriend them and make saddles for them!We have also fixed some bugs and added a TON of new food recipes. Over time we will reevaluate any mods we are using and just keep the ones that […]

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Getting Ready for Stable A19!

Hey all! We wiped the server today to test out our new mods and get ready for the final release of 7 days to die alpha 19! Please help us our by testing the config and commands we are using. Everyone who is around today 08/15/2020 will get a stack of wet concrete to build […]

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A Server and Social Experiment

Thinking about a waterworld 🙂 If we raise 1500 Brains We can create it for a month and then decide to keep or remove it as part of our server network. Read more by clicking below.

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Twinscythe Game Servers Updates 02/20/2020

Hey guys! We are rearranging our server hosting and removing a few servers for the time being and adding a new one.  We know some of you will be really bummed about these changes, but we do have plans to add more servers in the future as donations increase. What we are removing: 7 Days […]

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New Server: Twinscythe Flashback

Many of you have had some issues with alpha 17. Some people simply cant even run it on their computer anymore. With you in mind we created this experiment! Twinscythe Flashback PVE A16.4 Port: 20154 Please share this with anyone you know who may be considering quitting or have already given up on the […]

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